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Ace was an Advanced Recon Commando in the Grand Army of the Republic.

History Edit

Ace was born in 32 BBY,[2] on the water planet Kamino, cloned from the template of Jango Fett.[1] He would go through basic training, eventually being selected for the Advanced Recon Commando programming. Due to this, he was assigned to the Special Operations Brigade.[4]

After graduating, Ace was deployed in 22 BBY, as a part of the Grand Army of the Republic, to the First Battle of Geonosis.[5] Upon surviving the battle, Ace would fight in several battles throughout the Clone Wars.

In 21 BBY, Ace would be present at the Battle of Kamino, being tasked with defending the Republic's command posts on the planet.[5] He survived, along with many members of his unit.[5]

Ace would also fight during a Battle of Naboo and a Battle of Felucia with the regiment, at some undetermined time period.[5] In 19 BBY, Ace fought during the Battle of Kashyyyk. The regiment was assigned to defend their command posts.[5]

Appearances Edit

  • Star Wars: Episode II: Attack of the Clones (Possible appearance)
  • Star Wars Battlefront II
  • Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (Possible appearance)

Timeline Edit

22 BBY
21 BBY-19 BBY
19 BBY
First Battle of Geonosis
Battle of Kamino
Battle of Naboo
Battle of Felucia
Battle of Kashyyyk

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