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ARC trooper turrets

Based off:

ARC troopers


45 SC (Turret I)
50 SC (Turret II)
70 SC (Turret III)
75 SC (Turret IV)
100 SC (Turret V)

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"Not many of your enemies would be willing to face down a guard tower full of elite ARC troopers!"
―The promotional statement[src]
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The ARC trooper turrets are a series of turrets manned by ARC troopers in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.


The ARC trooper turrets were used in the Clone Wars Adventures mini-game Republic Defender that is unlocked after completing the first Kamino level, Kamino Invasion.


  • Deals a high amount of damage to enemies
  • It has an incredible range
  • Equipped with grenades
  • One of the few turrets that can destroy droidekas


  • Very expensive
  • Takes a large amount of energy to upgrade


The ARC trooper turrets were later released as furniture on September 9, 2011. There are five variants, all different colors, and they shoot when clicked on.


Republic Defender mode[]

  • Rank 2 - 450
  • Rank 3 - 675 (ability to fire anti-air rockets)
  • Rank 4 - 1200
  • Rank 5 - 2100 (ability to fire heavy weaponry)

Furniture mode[]

  • ARC Trooper Turret I - 45 Station Cash
  • ARC Trooper Turret II - 50 Station Cash
  • ARC Trooper Turret III - 70 Station Cash
  • ARC Trooper Turret IV - 75 Station Cash
  • ARC Trooper Turret V - 100 Station Cash