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ARC Training Program




Several Mandalorian Trainers[1]


Odd Ball[4]


Tipoca City, Kamino

Date established:

22 BBY


Clone Wars

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The ARC Training Program, also known as the ARC Program, ARC Training or Alpha-17's Training Program, was a program designated to training Clone troopers to become high ranking officers and be trained as Advanced Recon Commando. The Program was established by Alpha-17, which was overseen by Alpha, several Mandalorian Trainers, including Cort Davin and Vhonte Tervo,[2][3] and several addition ARC troopers.[4]


"There's a galaxy of difference. Sure, we understand that the neural pumps give us what feel like authentic combat memories, but having the ARC drill sergeants making it real and overseeing the simulations give us the edge over the previous units."
Commander Thire, graduate of the ARC Program

The ARC Program constituted grueling training, with the goal being individuality and independence, which is where several troopers received their names, to be used despite their numerical designations.[4]

Training took place within the first few months of the war, with the first class of 100 graduates being ready by approximately 22 BBY. Some graduates went to form the elite Squad Seven, alongside Alpha himself.


The ARC Training Program took place early on, before the First Battle of Geonosis. After the first class graduated, Alpha-17 formed his own program, where he would train several troopers who had a promising command structure. Alpha trained several of them. He would help form several friendships between commanders, such as Cody and Rex or Neyo and Bacara.[4]

Fives and Echo of Domino Squad would be admitted into the ARC program.[2] Several members of the program would participate in Order 66, or at least attempt to,[7] with the only ones not following through were Wolffe and Rex.[8]



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