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5th Fleet Security
5th Fleet

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Clone troopers


Various vehicles


Clone Wars
Galactic Empire

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5th Fleet Security was a unit withing The Grand Army of the Republic, consisting mainly of clones of the bounty hunter Jango Fett. As with most clone trooper units, the 5th Fleet fought in the Clone Wars.


The 5th Fleet Security, was a clone trooper unit tasked with the guarding and security of important fleet members. They were occasionally seen, guarding other important members of The Grand Army of the Republic. The Fleet Security was lead by a unidentified marshal commander.

Armor and Equipment[]

The 5th Fleet Security, as with most clone trooper units, wore white full-body armor for protection during battles. The main difference in their armor, was the unit's official markings, Two parallel diagonal indigo colored stripes, on the helmet, torso, and one of the legs. Most units within the 5th Fleet security were equipped with the standard issue DC-15A blaster rifle and DC-15S blaster carbine, some clones were also equipped with shields for their own protection and for protection of their current objective.