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332nd Division
332nd Division

Date founded:

19 BBY


Blue, orange[1]


Advisor Ahsoka Tano
Commander Rex[1]
Captain Vaughn[1]

Notable members:

Lieutenant Jesse[1]
Unidentified clone trooper pilot (Mandalore)


Clone troopers


DC-15S blaster carbines
DC-15A blaster rifles
DC-17 hand blasters


501st Legion

Notable battles:

Siege of Mandalore[1]


Clone Wars

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332nd Division was a clone trooper division that served during the final battles of the Clone Wars in the Grand Army of the Republic. The division was created by Jedi General Anakin Skywalker, when called back to the Battle of Coruscant and leaving the division to fight on the Siege of Mandalore, under the command of the 501st Legion, led by Advisor Ahsoka Tano and Commander Rex.[1]


The 332nd Division was a division of the 501st Legion, created in 19 BBY, serving in the Grand Army of the Republic during the final days of the Clone Wars.[1] Jedi General Anakin Skywalker created the division, needing the 501st Legion to return with him to the Battle of Coruscant to rescue Chancellor Sheev Palpatine, while participating in the Siege of Mandalore. With the creation of the new division, Captain Rex was promoted to Commander, placed as the official charge, and former Jedi Ahsoka Tano served as a tactical advisor. The 501st Legion returned to Coruscant with Skywalker with newly appointed Commander Appo, while the 332nd Division deployed to Mandalore.[1]

The 332nd Company, which predated the division, was assigned to serve under the command of the division. With the newly established division, Advanced Recon Commando lieutenant Jesse and Captain Vaughn were assigned to leadership positions under Rex's command.[1] The troopers redesigned their helmets with orange markings to replicate Tano's facial tattoos, save for Rex and Jesse.[1] The division was deployed to Mandalore with an accompaniment of Mandalorian Bo-Katan Kryze's Nite Owls. The troopers began to deploy through LAAT/is, entering into small arms fights in the hulls of the transports with Mandalorians under the rule of Maul.[1]

The unit quickly deployed to the planet, receiving instant aerial attack and losing a few Low Altitude Assault Transport/infantry gunships. The troopers and Mandalorians who were riding in the LAAT/i's deployed with their jetpacks and began to attack the incoming members of Maul's contingent, the Shadow Collective. Tano deployed as well, without a jetpack, jumping from gunship to gunship killing many of the enemy Mandalorians, as well as rescuing one of the 332nd's clone pilots. Tano landed concurrently with the rest of the companies and began to attack the group on the ground. Several Nite Owls had already begun the assault on the ground by the time the company arrived. Ursa Wren and her unit had already contained the docks.[1]

After taking down several Mandalorians and pushing back their forces, Tano, Rex, and a few other troopers oversaw the battle, watching the explosions and blaster bolts. Tano received a transmission from Captain Vaughn, who had intelligence of the location of the Shadow Collective's leadership, namely Gar Saxon and Rook Kast. Tano, alongside three other troopers, met with Vaughn and his team. Tano, Vaughn, and the small squad embarked through the tunnels hoping to find the leadership to capture them. However, they were unaware that the whole ruse was an ambush. One of the Shadow Collective opened fire on the unit, which led them to follow in pursuit, with Tano attempting to keep them back. When she caught up with them, they had all been shot and killed, save for Vaughn, who had been fatally injured. While Tano comforted him, he apologized for not obeying orders.[1] Shortly thereafter, Maul appeared, questioning why Tano was there and not Kenobi.[1]

Shortly after a brief standoff with Maul, Rex and a squad of troopers appeared, rescuing Tano from the Mandalorians. After a brief pursuit, they lost them. Upon returning to their command center, Tano, Rex, and Bo-Katan met with Kenobi via hologram, where they were informed that no reinforcements could be sent. Dooku had been killed by Skywalker and he had been given the assignment of watching the Chancellor. Before Tano could ask more questions, Rex informed her of an attack on C-deck. Tano and Rex rushed to C-deck, where the unit who were securing the area were all wiped out, save for Sterling. He informed them that Advanced Recon Commando Lieutenant Jesse, who had also been stationed there, had been taken captive by Maul.[2] Eventually, Tano would encounter Maul again, alongside Bo-Katan and Rex, where he held Jesse hostage. He let Jesse go as a sign of good faith, with Rex taking him to rest up. A battle broke out between the 332nd and Nite Owls against the Shadow Collective, which led Bo-Katan to rally her troops, while Tano faced Maul alone. Rex led the campaign on the outside, with an All Terrain Tactical Enforcer being deployed to assist in the battle. Tano would capture Maul and the combined forces of the 332nd and Nite Owls managed to force a surrender on the remaining Mandalorian forces.[2]

After the successful siege, the division began their return to Coruscant. While en-route, Tano sensed a disturbance created in the force. Shortly thereafter, Rex and the company received Contingency Order 66, marking all Jedi as traitors to the Republic.[3] Following the initiation, Rex and his division opened fire on the former Jedi, after Rex managed to tell her about the discovery Fives had discovered only a few months prior.[4][5] Tano managed to escape by routing blaster fire into the ceiling, creating a new route. Rex ordered the division to search for the rogue, scattering across the ship to locate her. Tano investigated the information Fives had uncovered and devised a plan with a handful of droids in the maintenance room. Tano and the droids managed to trap Rex and removed the inhibitor chip, while under assault from troopers. The troopers managed to enter the room, however, dying by Rex's DC-17 hand blasters.

Tano and Rex devised a plan to escape, freeing Maul to run free and create havoc on the ship, resulting in the deaths of several troopers including Ridge, who had served in Torrent Company previously.[4][6] Eventually, Tano and Rex managed to arrive at the hangar bay, both hoping their training would pay off.[7][8] Once in the hangar, Rex attempted to make the exchange appear as if Tano was his prisoner and that the division should keep her alive. However, acting officer Jesse ordered the troopers to execute her and Rex, marking him a traitor and demoting him to Captain once again.[7] A firefight ensued, during which, damage Maul had caused to the reactor core had began to cause the Tribunal to descend rapidly into the atmosphere of an unidentified moon. Maul had escaped before the ship crashed, while the 332nd Division remained aboard with Tano and Rex. In the ensuing crash, the 332nd Division were all killed, with Tano, Rex, and R7-A7 being the only survivors of the crash. However, despite the attempts to kill them, Tano and Rex buried each member of the 332nd Division.[7]

Armor and Equipment[]

The division was outfitted with Phase II clone trooper armor lined with blue colored chest plates and leg plates, while their helmets were redesigned with orange and white markings. The division was armed with DC-15S blaster carbines, DC-15A blaster rifles, DC-17 hand blasters, JT-12 jetpacks, and for the ground assault, LAAT/is and AT-TEs.


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