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"Die, clankers!"
―307th Medical Division

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The 307th Medical Division was a legion-sized unit that fought for the Grand Army of the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars. Primarily serving as battlefield medics, they also took part in lengthy sieges. They fought alongside the 43rd Combat Corps on Yaga Minor.


The only known companies are the Mercy Company, and the Dash Company. Not much is known about these companies, so I will return to this when I have found more data.

Named Characters[]

The known named characters are as follows:

Overseer Baar'bur

Jedi General Mallie Marek

Jedi General Kento Marek

Commander "Zenny"

Lieutenant "Heel"


Their uniforms were similar to the 327th Star Corps, and they wore blue-striped armor, red medical armor, or plain 101st trooper armor.