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"This one goes out to the Mud-jumpers of the 224th slugging it out on Mimban. Keep your heads down and your seals tight boys."
―The 224th receives a shoutout on the Grand Army of the Republic broadcast
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The 224th was a unit of clone troopers. It fought in Mimban during the Clone Wars, and received a shoutout on the GAR broadcast.


In 22 BBY the Mud-jumpers, a unit of the 224th, was fighting Separatist forces on Mimban, a planet in the Outer Rim. During this time, it was mentioned on the Grand Army of the Republic Broadcast, and several troopers and their leader on the Rishi moon were listening to it.[1]

Between 19 and 10 BBY, the 224th's troopers were all phased out and retired,[2] being replaced by non-clone recruits. In between 13 and 10 BBY, Han Solo joined the 224th, as a Corporal and after being kicked out of the Imperial Naval Academy.[3] Later, after the formation of the Empire, in 10 BBY, the Mud-jumpers return to Mimban, with Imperial forces.[3]

Armor and Equipment[]

During the Clone Wars, the clones most likely bore standard Phase I and II armor, which would be stained brown and mud covered.[4] By 10 BBY, the Mud-jumpers bore mostly Stormtrooper armor also stained with mud, while officers and higher ranking soldiers wore open-faced helmets and Imperial officer gray armor.[3]


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