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212th Recon Division
212th Recon Division

Unit type:



Yellow, brown


Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi
Marshal Commander Cody

Notable members:

Unidentified gunner


Advanced Recon Force troopers


DC-15S blaster carbines
All Terrain Tactical Enforcers

Notable battles:

Second Battle of Geonosis


Clone Wars

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212th Recon Division was a unit that was a part of the Grand Army of the Republic, that served under the 212th Attack Battalion. The unit was designed for a more stealth approach with visibility but served in an infantry-like capacity.[1]


The 212th Recon Division was created to serve in the Grand Army of the Republic and was eventually deployed in the Clone Wars. Under the command of Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi, the Recon Division was a unit within the 212th Attack Battalion.[1]

In 21 BBY, the unit was deployed to the Second Battle of Geonosis, attacking the Separatist forces of Geonosis and their battle droids, being deployed specifically to take out their droid factory. After a very strategic planned out engagement, a unit of the 501st Legion, Commander Jet's unit, and the 212th Recon Division were deployed to meet at Point Rain.[1]

The three units were deployed to land at the position. However, only the 212th Recon Division managed to land at Point Rain, with Jet's unit and the detachment of 501st getting shot down. Upon reaching Point Rain, the 212th instantly reported a man down. All of the 212th's gunships landed in the proper circle, except for Kenobi's gunship, which crashed just outside the landing zone.[1]

Marshal Commander Cody was placed into interim command due to Kenobi's incapacitation and Jedi Generals Anakin Skywalker and Ki-Adi-Mundi being missing in action. Cody deployed Waxer and Boil to recon Kenobi's gunship to determine if there were any survivors.[1] The two managed to make a sprint for it, receiving a lot of enemy fire. The two pried open the shot down LAAT/i, determining that only Kenobi and Trapper were still alive.[1]

After pulling Kenobi and Trapper back to the center of the landing point, the 212th continued to fight. However, the unit kept taking serious casualties. The troopers began to back into the circle, forming around Kenobi, with the injured Jedi standing up in preparation to fight. At that time, the remaining forces of that had been MIA reunited with the 212th and assisted in fighting back the Separatist forces.[1]

With the three collective units, the 212th, 501st and Jet's unit took out the factory's ray shield generator. Following the generator's destruction. The 212th and Jet's unit were air-lifted off the planet to rest in the medical bays on the fleet's ships.[2] The 41st Elite Corps came to the planet as reinforcements for the remaining unit.[2]

Later that year, the 212th Recon Division was again deployed to rescue Jedi General Eeth Koth, fighting against General Grievous' droid forces.[3]

Armor and Equipment[]

The 212th Recon Division was active during the Clone Wars, being outfitted by Phase I ARF trooper armor. The Recon Division was specialized in covert operations behind enemy lines. The Division was also fitted with All Terrain Recon Transports and All Terrain Tactical Enforcers. Specifically for the Second Battle of Geonosis, the troopers were outfitted with brown and orange camouflage.[1][4]


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