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First Squad (1st Squad)

Unit type:





Captain Rex


Cold assault troopers


BARC speeders
CK-6 swoop bikes
DC-15S blaster carbines
DC-15A blaster rifles
DC-17 hand blasters

Notable battles:

Orto Plutonia


Clone Wars

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First Squad, commonly stylized as 1st Squad, was deployed to the planet of Orto Plutonia. The unit was ordered to fight against the Talz and their leader Thi-Sen by the leader of Pantora, Chairman Chi Cho.[1]


First Squad was deployed to the planet of Orto Plutonia, under a 501st platoon, after losing contact with the Glid Station Unit,[2] investigating their disappearance and bringing representatives from the Pantoran embassy to check on their planet.[1] Jedi Generals Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker brought the platoon to investigate along with them, quickly discovering that the Glid Station Unit had been killed.[1]

Upon some investigation, the platoon realized the Separatists were not to blame, but it was an undiscovered indigenous tribe of Talz. The Pantorans did not believe that the Talz were indigenous, but rather that they took a planet that was under the Pantoran province.[1]

After the Jedi met with the Talz, the 1st Squad and their platoon were assigned to hold off outside their second meeting, while the Jedi and Pantorans were organizing a peace treaty. However, Chairman Chi Cho, who was a zealous Pantoran, stated that they would go to war with the Talz, which led to a standoff, where the 1st Squad and platoon were deployed to protect Cho, as the Jedi were worried the Talz would retaliate and kill them.[1]

Once Captain Rex ordered the platoon to mount up and was keeping track of Cho, as well as his guards he brought with him. Rex, the 1st Squad, and the platoon were soon attacked by the Talz, resulting in several troopers being injured. The platoon created a circle perimeter, with their BARC and CK-6 speeders bikes. However, upon creating the perimeter, the Talz managed to injure many troopers and kill a few as well. They also killed both of Cho's guards and severely injured Cho.[1]

Rex commandeered a BARC speeder and grabbed Cho, throwing him over the front. Five other speeders had managed to get away from the chaos and continued onward. However, upon catching up with the other speeders, two of them began to cross an ice divide. While in the process, the divide began to collapse, sending both troopers to their deaths. Rex arrived up at the divide right after them, coming to a quick stop. He signaled to the other men to stop, and the four set up a barricade. The four aimed their weapons toward the incoming legion of Talz on their Narglatchs and began to open fire.[1]

The Jedi dropped in front of the four troopers and landed their Low Altitude Assault Transport/infantry gunships and the forces in the gunship piled out and aimed at the Talz. Both sides held off from attacking the other, while Rex gave Skywalker and Kenobi a report of injured and dead. Cho was severely injured by the Talz previously and soon thereafter succumbed to his injuries. Senator Riyo Chuchi managed to negotiate peace between the two factions and the Republic forces flew off the planet, leaving the Talz at peace.[1]

Armor and Equipment[]

The 1st Squad was outfitted with specialized gear, made for the cold arctic climates. The squad had Clone cold assault trooper armor with blue markings, similar to the 501st Legion. The unit rode BARC speeders and CK-6 swoop bikes. The squad used DC-15S blaster carbines and DC-15A blaster rifles, with Rex also using DC-17 hand blasters.[1]


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