1st Platoon
1st Platoon MPQ

Junior Sergeant Zeke

Notable member(s):
  • Oake
  • Jayk
  • Rafe
  • Tojo


Main soldiers:

Clone troopers


The 1st Platoon was the first platoon created in the Grand Army of the Republic.The platoon, unlike every other clone, were all born in 35 BBY.

History Edit

The platoon was first assembled at the beginning of the Clone Wars. The platoon continued on until the formation of the Galactic Empire, until the Empire began to retire clone troopers.[1][2]

During the war, the 1st Platoon lost 14 of their own.[3] The troopers that survived the war went to Saleucami and worked as mercenaries, working within a base in the Blackwind Crater. Eventually, they were hired by the Veiled Sorority, as full time guards.[1]

Since they were all born in 35 BBY, the clones were aged even older than normal clones would have. By 5 ABY, they were 40 years old but 80 in advanced years. Because of this, many of the survivors died of old age. The remaining faction that survived died in the war. At one point, the crater base came under attack from Thaelos. Junior sergeant Zeke was injured in the battle, losing his left arm.[1]

By the time the Zann Consortium and the Veiled Sorority had a conflict, only Zeke, Oake, Jayk, Rafe, and Tojo were alive.[1]

Armor and Equipment Edit

The 1st Platoon possessed standard clone trooper equipment. Including Phase I clone trooper armor, DC-15S blaster carbines, DC-15A blaster rifles, a medpac, frag grenades, DC-17 hand blasters and vibroknives. Despite being the first clones and surviving the war, they possessed Phase I armor, rather than Phase II, which was installed in 21 BBY.

Members Edit

  • Junior Sergeant Zeke
  • Jayk
  • Oake
  • Rafe
  • Tojo
  • Unidentified 1st Platoon lieutenant
  • 35 Unidentified 1st Platoon clone troopers
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Trooper 6Trooper 7Trooper 8Trooper 9Trooper 10Trooper 11
Trooper 12Trooper 13Trooper 14Trooper 15Trooper 16Trooper 17
Trooper 18Trooper 19Trooper 20Trooper 21Trooper 22Trooper 23
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Trooper 30Trooper 31Trooper 32Trooper 33Trooper 34Trooper 35

Appearances Edit

  • Mask of the Pirate Queen

References Edit

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