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182nd Legion

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Sergeant Marrt


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Marrt's squad

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The 182nd Legion was a legion of Clone troopers that was commissioned to serve the Grand Army of the Republic, during the Clone Wars.


The Legion was commissioned in 32 BBY, when the clone troopers were all commissioned by Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas. The Legion all received basic training and they would graduate to serve the Republic Military.[1][2]

In 21 BBY, a small squad of the 182nd were deployed to Belgaroth on a recon mission to watch over a Separatist factory.[3] While scouting the factory out, they were spotted by Separatist droids. They opened fire on them, but the squad managed to escape to regroup. However, while out in the open, they came across some fog.[3]

While in the fog a creature rammed into Recon, killing him instantly.[3] The creature then began to chew on his DC-15S blaster carbine, which enraged Chatter, who opened fire. The creature would then kill Chatter, and shortly thereafter, Knuckles, leaving Marrt to put the creature down.[3] After Marrt buried his fallen brothers, he destroyed the factory and the arms deal locals had with the Separatists.[3] Marrt returned to the Republic and gave his report, from a medical bed, as he had been severely injured.

In 19 BBY, during the final year of the war,[4] the Legion was deployed to Felucia, one of the several key targets for the Republic's campaign of taking back the Outer-Rim, where a Separatist contingent was present. The Legion made it to the planet but communications were swiftly cut off.[5] After a month of no communication, the 501st Legion was deployed to fulfill the 182nd objectives.

The 501st encounter many hardships, including local Acklays and flesh eating diseases, which made the planet difficult to subjugate. However, the 501st persevered the hardships, with assistance from Jedi General Aayla Secura, but they discovered that the 182nd had been wiped out.[5] Sergeant Marrt was most likely killed along with the rest of the Legion.[6]


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