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14th Infantry Brigade

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Clone troopers


DC-15S blaster carbines
DC-15A blaster rifles

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Clone Wars

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14th Infantry Brigade was a clone trooper unit that was deployed in the Grand Army of the Republic.


14th Infantry Brigade was a unit that was created for the Grand Army of the Republic and was deployed to the Clone Wars.

In 19 BBY, the brigade was deployed to the planet of Haurgab, during the Battle of Haurgab, following Omega Squad's recon and training of guerilla soldiers. However, the 14th was not Omega's first call. The 85th Infantry Brigade was supposed to be deployed to evacuate Omega from the planet but were unable to do so.[1]

Following Omega's failed call for evacuation, the unit called ARC Captain Maze for assistance, which led to the 14th being deployed from Neska. After their evacuation, a few of the members of the 14th joined the 85th when Omega and Delta Squad were dispatched, under the command of Jedi General Etain Tur-Mukan, to breach a fortification that the Maujasi had held up in. The troopers were ordered to fire at a target and missed horrendously, which led to the berating of the trooper by the commandos.[1]

It was later discovered that the troopers of the 14th Infantry Brigade, while they were cloned from the template of Jango Fett,[2] were cloned on the Coruscant moon of Centax-2 and had been born the year prior in 20 BBY.[1]


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